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EPS is one of the most versatile materials in the world.
Large Blocks of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) here at Plasti-Fab are available with a large assortment of sizes, densities and types.  Each one has its own specific characteristics for ones needs.  What you can do with these large blocks of foam is amazing.

Large Block Foam


Plasti-Fab can supply you with what you need.  We start with a standard size in the height and width which can then be cut to various lengths, up to 20 feet long.  If the standard sizes are not what you like, we can accommodate you quickly and easily.  Some of our past customers have used these large blocks for; fill, flotation applications, theatrical props, archery targets, stages and more.  Many artists also recommend the use of foam for sculpting; it is lightweight and can be easily shaped. 
EPS will not absorb water.
The primary use of large block EPS is the Geofoam application.  Traditional earth materials are heavy and can cause settlement, instability or lateral pressures.  Other fill materials such as concrete, waste tires, soil, woodchips, wood fiber, etc., have higher densities, are variable in their makeup and are not engineered, due to field execution variables.  They also have limitations in handling and can be weather sensitive, thus requiring staged construction and/or preloading, surcharging and draining, etc.   EPS Geofoam maximizes onsite installation efficiency.  Material can arrive at the job site prefabricated and ready to place.  It is easily inventoried and handled.  Installation is not delayed by weather. 
Benefits of EPS Block
  • Cost effective solution
  • Long-lasting, strong and stable
  • Does not contain CFC, HCFC or HFC's
  • Predictable material behavior
  • Variety of types to meet specific project requirements
  • Super lightweight compared to other fills
  • Inert in long-term burial conditions, no leachates
  • Easily shaped in field or supplied prefabricated
  • Perform Guard® termite protection available


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EPS allows for so many design options. 
Contact us here at Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions for a consultation on all your EPS needs.  1.844.446.4339