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For Foam-mn and more, where excellence is a skill not an attitude.

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Are you looking for a quality foam product?
Poly Foam Inc in MN has always been a front-runner in quality and innovative EPS products!



Fabricated Foam is produced by custom fabrication of EPS specific to your needs.  We will work with you to design a part to your specifications and budget.  EPS is available in a wide range of densities and types, while giving you the benefit of maximum protection and cushion.  Fabricated EPS also has the added benefit of a quick turnaround from concept to a finished product.  Additional information



 Shape Molded Foamcan be molded into almost any shape.  Shape molding provides a consistent, protective part that is also available in a number of types and weights.  Poly Foam Inc can help you to create a custom shape mold that works for you with quality production.  Additional Information







Construction EPS is the most versatile, energy efficient and cost effective insulator available.  With extremely high stable R-values, Poly Foam Inc EPS is the right solution for almost any job: 

Geofoam (underslab), insulation, direct to deck roofing, tapered roofing, concrete insulation, stadium seating, void filler, foundation perimeters and all with optional Perform Guard® termite protection available.  EPS is available in a wide range of sizes and densities that is cost effective, tested and certified, strong, stable, environmentally safe and building code recognized.  With a quality product and short lead times, Poly Foam Inc is the right choice for your construction needs that will stand the test of time.  Contact us for more assistance.  1.844.446.4339



Flexible Foam is yet another product that Poly Foam Inc has to offer which includes the following 3 foams:

        • Polypropylene
        • Polyethylene
        • Polyurethane

Each Flexible Foam has its own unique capabilities that can be configured to you delicate product or needs.  Flexible Foams can be cut, laminated or fabricated to your particular needs.  Give us a call and our experts will work with you to determine and create the correct Flexible Foam for you 1.844.446.4339. Click here to view our Flexible Foam brochure.



Our Foam Coolers could be considered some of the best in the industry.  We carry many sizes in stock with varying wall thicknesses and specifications.  Give us a call 1.844.446.4339 or send us a line with the interior dimensions that you request,






Foam Liners is another option for one to consider when you don't want to use a cooler.  If you have a product that requires a cooler and a box, foam liners could work for you.  Poly Foam Inc can cut straight flat pieces that would line your box in place of a cooler.  Give us a call with your specs. 1.844.446.4339






Specialty Shape Cut Foam is one of our specialties.  If you've got a shape in mind-we've got a machine that can most likely cut it out of foam.  Some of our past projects are displays, logos, prom decor, mouldings, circles, snowflakes, packaging and many more.  Got an idea-send us a line -






Loose Fill Foam is most commonly found in bean bag chairs or in plant bases from nurseries.  It creates a lightweight base that plant roots thrive in and is safe for the environment.  Loose Fill Foam can be from clean EPS foam or from recycled EPS foam.  Give us a call for different options.  1.844.446.4339






Protective Corners are some of the best out there.  We have several styles in stock to choose from as well as different options to go along with that.  If you don't see the exact size that you are looking for, Poly Foam Inc can quickly produce one just for you.  Additional Information 






Mailers are a perfect choice when you need to send a small and fragile item in the mail, such as hearing aids or eyeglasses.  We have several to choose from that are lightweight yet durable and in stock.  They are the perfect low cost practical way to your shipping solution.  Check out our mailers brochure. 






Decorative EPS is a low cost way to add value to any project.  You get the benefit of a high end look without the cost.  With our decorative pieces and your imagination the possibilities are endless.  If you've got an idea give us a call 1.844.446.4339







EPS for Displays can be a great solution for anyone wishing to make a statement at a minimal cost to you.  We can cut logos, shapes, dimensional and more to be the start of a great display.  Send us your ideas







Void Fill EPS is a good choice if you're doing a project that requires a lot of material for fill such as concrete but you want to keep the costs down as well as the time.  EPS is stable, lightweight and spreads out the load evenly.  EPS is quick to install and makes a superior insulator.  Give us a call 1.844.446.4339 and let our experts help you.


This is just a sampling of what we can do here.

With your ideas and our knowledge we can make your concept a reality!


Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions

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